A Guide to Caring for Stonework

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Stonework makes a great addition to any home. Whether a stonework patio or a collection of stone statues and garden ornaments, stonework can add a touch of class wherever it is placed.

One of the downsides is that stonework requires a lot of upkeep and care to ensure that it stays looking its best for longer. If stonework isn’t cared for, you will quickly find it covered it dirt, moss stains and algae.

In this guide, we’ll tell you exactly how you can care for your stonework with a little time and dedication.

  • Start by Cleaning Your Affected Stonework

Stonework needs to be cleaned before you can do anything else with it such as apply protective treatments and sealants. Your first step is to clean your stone patio and statues with a cleaning solution which has been formulated with basic dish soap and water. Any simple liquid washing up solution will do.

  • Once mixed, pour some of the solution onto your patio before scrubbing it with a regular broom. There is no reason to be too rough as the bristles of the brush will effectively clean any loose dirt and debris just by being brushed across the surface.
  • You will need to apply a solution of vinegar and water to the affected areas and leave it to sit for at least 30 minutes. You will find that the acidic nature of vinegar acts as a powerful cleaner and will remove any dirt that remains.
  • Your final step is to use a pressure washer to remove the vinegar and soap solution which should result in a clean surface.
  • Remove Any Difficult Stains

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Once your stonework is clean, you will then need to remove any stubborn stains which the vinegar and soap solution couldn’t. The best way to do this is by using a dedicated deck or stonework stain remover which can be purchased at any DIY store.

  • Apply the stain remover to the affected surface and then scrub with a suitable nylon bristled brush. The stain remover you buy should have its own instructions as to how long the product will need to be left in situ.
  • The final step is to then rinse the solution with a pressure washer which should result in a stain free surface that looks brand new.
  • Apply a Stonework Sealant

The final step and probably the most important is to apply a sealant which will prevent dirt, algae and moss from attaching itself to your stonework in the future. A suitable stonework sealant can be purchased from either a specialist retailer or from any good DIY store. Simply make sure that the product you buy is designed to protect stone surfaces from water penetration which will make it difficult for moss and algae to adhere to the treated and protected surface.

The above routine should be completed every 6 to 12 months to ensure that your stone surfaces remain clean as well as moss and stain free, providing protection year-round.

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