Advantages of Temporary Fencing

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Temporary fencing can be used for a multitude of purposes, it is great for both commercial and domestic use. If you are planning on organising an outdoor music festival, sporting event or you need to cordon off a construction site, temporary fencing is the solution. There are several good companies based in Yorkshire who provide products to numerous cities across the UK. Here are some of the benefits of choosing temporary fencing.

What is a Temporary Fence?

As the name implies, a temporary fence is a free-standing structure that can be used both domestically and commercially. It is a self-supporting fence that can be locked and put in place in various ways, they are portable units that are mainly used on construction sites and around outdoor festivals. If you ever attended a music festival, you will have notice sections of the event cordoned off with temporary fencing. Security fencing balances on weighted feet, this ensures the structure is solid and can be erected in several different areas.

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Alternative to a Permanent Structure

If you are looking for temporary home security gates in Yorkshire, or you need large metal gates for your outdoor event in the countryside, this product may be the solution. For example, hosting an outdoor music event can be challenging, you don’t have the luxury of hiring an indoor venue to control access to certain areas. Your best solution is to rent temporary security gates, you can easily manipulate your surroundings so that people attending the event can only go where you allow them to. Most outdoor music events are held in large, borderless fields, and event organisers have no way of securing the area if they don’t use mobile security gates.


An event coordinator, site manager, or home owner can easily afford to rent temporary security gates if they need a solid structure for their venue or property. The only other option you have is to build a permanent structure such as brick wall which is completely impractical. If you are only running an event that goes on for 3 days or building a small extension to your home, it is unrealistic to expect someone to build a solid structure just to secure the area.

Liability Management

Choosing to erect temporary fencing is sensible for a number of reasons. For instance, you may be extending a portion of your home and your construction site runs out over your land onto a public pathway. If you don’t install protective fencing someone could accidentally get injured, this could result in you facing a lawsuit. You don’t want to start building a beautiful extension to your home, only to end up battling a liability case in court. Temporary fences prevent liability issues.

Temporary fencing has numerous advantages, it can be used on building sites, outdoor events or on residential property. It helps to prevent unauthorised access, protects you from liability issues and allows you to erect a boundary around hazardous sites. Portable security fencing isconvenient andcan be rented for an affordable price from several fencing specialists.

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