All You Need to Know About Water Damage Restoration

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One of the worst things that can happen to a property is water damage. Dealing with the aftermath is always problematic and expensive, and it can also pose a threat to your health if not handled properly and in due time.

It is definitely a job you shouldn’t conduct on your own because it can be very risky. Experts at KIC Restoration have done their best to explain the most common problems you can come across when dealing with water damage in your home.

Types of water damage

Water damage is basically any type of damage caused to your property by water, both interior and exterior. The water that comes inside the property can be placed into multiple categories, from a clear and ‘’safe’’ water all the way to toxic, hazardous water that bears a great danger to your health.

Water can be instantly noticeable in case of flooding or it can be sneakier in a sense that it slowly works its way through your property and gradually causes damage. You should do something about it as soon as you see symptoms like big, round marks on the walls, water dripping from the ceiling, paint peeling from the walls, etc.

This problem is not going away itself and you should investigate the source of this damage as quickly as possible. There is also this potential danger to your health in the form of mold which can easily grow in humid places.

In these cases you should definitely contact a company that handles water restoration because they know exactly how to deal with these problems.

How to react

If you notice an immediate danger caused by water in your house, the course of action is to contact a water restoration company as soon as possible. The more you wait the bigger risk you expose yourself and your family to, and more expensive and difficult reparation becomes.

What you can do at that time, if it’s not too dangerous, is turn off water and electricity supply. You can even try to save some furniture if you can, but as long as you estimate the risk is not big.

If the water is flooding too fast then the only thing you can do is abandon the property along with your family and wait for help to arrive. There is no point trying to save any of the belongings if your lives would come in danger.

The process of restoration

When this sort of emergency occurs the most important things is to find the source and deal with it, again time is of the essence here. A water restoration company will do anything to stop water from causing further damage, this includes dealing with all sorts of repairs needed to prevent more destruction.

If you are dealing with previously mentioned slow damage that gradually reveals itself, then they will also use various techniques to try to find the source and make a plan on how to fix it. This was the first part of their service – immediate help, the second part is the actual restoration of their property.

They will move all your stuff that can be saved and get rid of items that are beyond repair. They will use pumps to suck out the water, and then dry the place. After these steps comes disinfection of the whole property and items that remained inside.

Some water restoration companies also offer to help you repair and renovate your property and educate in how to prevent future water damage. After all these steps have been completed it is finally safe to start moving your things back in, and eventually you and your family can move back in.

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