Autumn gardening Tips: Preparing Your Garden for Winter

Published On November 25, 2018 | By admin | Home-Improvement

After speaking with a leading UK based garden designer it was clear to see that autumn is a great opportunity to eliminate dead vegetation left over from summer, to tidy up garden borders, to clear out gutters and much, much more. Autumn is all about picking up and packing down before the arrival of winter and we are here to provide some awesome autumn gardening tips! Here goes…

  • As the daylight hours are becoming shorter and shorter anyone with greenhouses with shade paint on the windows should start considering removing this shade paint, allotting for more of the sun’s rays to shine through the greenhouse windows. You should be able to clean your greenhouse windows with hot water and elbow grease, although specialists cleaning solutions are sometimes required.
  • In autumn you should also take the time to clean the rest of your greenhouse, removing everything from your greenhouse, sweeping up dirt and debris thoroughly and disinfecting all paths and staging. It can be a good idea to ventilate greenhouses for a couple of days at this stage.
  • To make sure your garden can be as beautiful as possible when spring arrives, now is the best time for you to dig up annuals and plant your beds with pansies, bellis daises and wallflowers.  Once you have tidied up your borders, removed old plants, and planted new bulbs you should spread a thick layer of compost over your garden beds.
  • Give your lawn a good cut, cutting it as short as possible in time for winter. To improve drainage on your lawn area you should make deep holies with the prongs of a garden fork at 10cm intervals.
  • Once all of the autumn leaves have fallen you should put them all in a large bin and sprinkle with water. Once the leaves have broken down and become crumbly you should spread them on your garden beds!
  • Consider planting evergreens in your garden in autumn, able to provide colour and structure during the winter months, enabling gardens to look brighter and les drab. Some of the most beautiful evergreens to consider planting at this time include sarcococca and daphne, however there are many more available.
  • If you have a pond in your garden you have to protect it from harsh winter conditions. You should put a net over your pond and secure it using heavy bricks, this will stop things being blown into your pond and it turning into mulch.

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