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A poor office chair, or just poorly designed, can have a negative impact on your health very quickly. That is why it is important not to neglect this choice and pay much attention to it.Indeed today, the first cause of the occupational disease is MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) including widespread low back pain. You need to be wise on the choice part, and it is here that you will be getting the best deals now. The options are perfect now and there comes the essential support.

What criteria should be taken into account when buying your office chair?

  • Before you buy your office chair, take the time to identify your needs, but also the use that you will make: in particular sitting time, as well as your frequency of use.
  • Another “detail”, make sure that your choice of the armchair is adapted to the obesity and the morphology of the people who will use it.
  • To summarise, two criteria are essential in the choice of office chairs: the duration of use and the maximum weight.
  • For example, an artisan, more often on his construction sites than on his chair, will not have the same criteria of choice as if it is a chair intended for an assistant who will spend 8 hours per day sitting.
  • Finally, think of the keyword: ergonomics. Ergonomic design allows one to marry the shape of your body correctly, to follow your movements (reclining back, upholstered seat). Also privilege office chairs with armrests, as this helps relieve the muscles of the upper body.

The different mechanisms for armchairs

Regarding the choice of office chairs, various tools are available to you:

  • First of all the chairs with “tilting centred” system, these are the most common. That is to say, the angle of the seat and the backrest remains the same. The seat tilts him backwards depending on the build. The office chair will dampen all movements.
  • Then for an office activity throughout the day (more than 6 hours), you can opt for office chairs with “off-centre tilting” system. The chair moves and adapts entirely to your body and posture, for perfect ergonomics. It is this system that will offer optimal comfort.

Recommendations for positioning well

Now that you’ve chosen the office chair that’s right for your body and your uses, here’s a little tip for adjusting your sitting position in the office. From The Best Recliners you will have the best deal now.

Position yourself so that:

  • your eyes are at the height of your computer screen,
  • your elbows form a 90 ° angle
  • Your feet stay flat with your back firmly against your back.

Finally, occupational medicine, recommends, getting up every hour to take a few steps to relax your muscles and also to relieve your eyes.

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