Choosing and Buying New Windows for Your Home

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A new window installation often represents a considerable outlay for most homeowners. For this reason, you should think long and hard about what it is you’re trying to achieve with your new windows. If for example, your windows are still relatively new but aren’t performing properly, it makes sense to find out why.

If you’re set on new windows, our guide will help you pick the right ones for your home, ensuring you receive value for money.

Choose Your Material

The beauty of windows is that you can choose to frame them in whatever material suits you best. Plastic or PVC isn’t compulsory, so if you would prefer an alternative look, there are several to choose from.

  • Aluminium makes a great alternative and look very modern and stylish – best of all, you can choose to have them painted or powder coated in a colour of your choice.

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  • Timber is still a time tested alternative, offering a touch of elegance and class to any home.

Timber will always require more maintenance than PVC or aluminium so bear this in mind if heading down that route.

We would also suggest that you make sure that your Local Authority planning department are happy with any change you make, especially if deviating from what is currently installed.

Choose Your Glass

You also have the ability to specify the type of glass you want fitted to your new window system. Modern glazing is much more technologically advanced than it was even a few years ago, providing impressive levels of efficiency and preventing the transmission of harmful UV light.

We would always suggest that you head down the route of double or triple glazing to maximise energy efficiency. The more layers of glass present, the more energy efficient your home will become, saving you money on your heating bills in the process.

  • A thicker window installation will provide better sound insulation, providing a quieter environment for your home.
  • Windows with good thermal efficiency will also reduce the prevalence of fogging and condensation when the temperatures begin to drop.

Choose A Style

This is where you get to really leave your stamp. There are several different types of window frame and installation options that you can choose from. If you’ve ever wanted sash windows, now is your chance.

  • Casement windows pivot on a hinge which is located on the frame. This gives you the ability to open the windows as you would a set of doors, allowing fresh air to flood into your home.
  • Sash windows are always a favourite. They are often full height and provide plenty of natural light.

Find an Installation Company

No matter where you are in the country, you are sure to find a suitable company who can supply and fit your new windows. Windows in Pinner can be installed by one of several companies who operate throughout the North-West London area. We suggest that you browse through a local directory and find someone suitable.

A new window installation can provide a new lease of life to any home. Simply find the right type for your needs.

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