Cool Office Furniture Ideas

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There are a lot of fun furniture and designs available for inside the office. Try some of these cool ideas inside your commercial property to make the space an enjoyable, productive atmosphere for employees.

Add Textures and Colours

Minimalism is big in office trends, as are streamlined styles of furniture. Add extra interest to furniture by choosing pieces with a range of textures. For example, you might use a woven rug for underneath that gorgeous wood desk and then use fabric wall dividers to create individual workstations within a large room. More textures make for a livelier atmosphere.

The same statement holds true of choosing different colours for the furnishings. Choose opposites on the colour wheel, such as alternating orange and blue for employee’s chairs. These vivid colours instantly add interest to the office, much more than traditional black or grey. Another option is to paint each room a different hue and have matching furniture shades within each one, thereby giving each room within the single property its own distinct personality.

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Modular Furnishings

Install modular workbenches, seats, and shelving to be able to create a flexible work environment. Add extra lengths, drawers and other accessories to these pieces as your office grows or change them around when you want to redesign the space to keep things fresh. A great part about modular furniture is seeing all the different ways you can use it, all without falling short on utility or comfort. Customise the interlocking furniture how you want it and do so easily.

Fun Lounge Area Furniture

Keeping your employees satisfied and productive involves also putting time into designing their lounge areas. This area is where they take their coffee, relax, and have fun. Furniture in this part of your commercial property can include cosy sofas, arcade games, a mini golf zone or an oversized chess board. This space is where employees mentally recharge their batteries, so they can then come up with great new ideas. Add floor pillows in bright colours and consider adding a pool table. This room can be a mix of play and professional with the right mix of quality furniture.

Attractive Floating Pieces

The furnishings appear to float, such as desks and storage items. Many options are available, without requiring a huge office. The shelves, for example, appear to float on the air when they are suspended on plates of glass. Bookshelves can also come in suspended form, with many unique shapes available. Some bookshelves can even rotate so you can easily change their configuration when you want a change in style.

Each of the above ideas can be a part of a modern office environment that is the epitome of cool. Create happier employees by incorporating these furniture ideas into your office design.

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