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Everything these days looks so much smarter and modern than it ever used to. Even cars that we thought looked amazing when they were first released have become a little dated, replaced by a sleeker, more streamlined and functional model. The clothes we wear have changed dramatically too. When we look at an old movie from the 1970s we have a good laugh at the styles of the day. The same can be said for where we store our clothes too. Not so very long ago, pretty much all wardrobes were essentially just a wooden box with a couple of doors, and maybe a mirror if we were lucky. Today, the transformation in bedroom furniture is as different to what it once was, as the cars and clothes of yesteryear are too. Today, there are so many variations available, that the boring box with a hanging rail is fast becoming obsolete.

Disappear into the Background

Things have come a long way, since the days of Geoffrey Chaucer, when the word wardrobe meant the lavatory! Wardrobes today are very cleverly designed, come in an array of materials and colour schemes and sometimes just don’t seem to be there at all. A recessed wardrobe, can be built into an alcove in your bedroom, and almost perfectly blend in, so it is hardly noticeable and definitely not something that will get in the way of the vacuum cleaner. The choice is yours, to have it the same colour as the walls, or to use bright and bold colouring to show it off. This can go a stage further of course, assuming you have the space, and become a full walk in wardrobe.

Artistic Design Options

Wardrobes no longer have to be a uniform colour. You can have something visually stunning through the use of striking colour combinations. Alternately coloured panels of lacquered glass panels look especially awesome, as does a black and gold ceramic finish, though today’s options are almost endless, as are the various styles.

Sliding Wardrobes

If your bedroom is a little tight for space, a sliding door wardrobe makes perfect sense. Harval offer sliding wardrobes in Yorkshire, which are not only great for saving space, but with an amazing variety of styles, can look awesome and contain inside, sufficient space to house everything you need.

Contoured Wardrobes

Your wardrobe doesn’t have to be a box shape. As the contours of your wall flow, so too your wardrobe can follow them offering a grace and elegance, which enhances your bedrooms looks. Pick your colour and finish, to perfectly match the room environment, while utilising space efficiently.

The Mobile Wardrobe

Perfect for the office if you are running a busy schedule, or for something a little less permanent in the bedroom, you can have mini wardrobes on wheels, which can be moved as often as you like, and which can even fold together to hide the contents.

The options are endless and you are in total control. Go check out the stunning options available at your local furnishing specialists, and let them help create a bedroom with furnishings that truly are a joy to be able to come home to.

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