Do you have what it takes to becoming an interior designer?

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While it may be true that design is inborn, many of the interior designer land in this career line just because they loved the pretty furnishings of that house and the fabrics thereof.  Much as the argument may go, it’s undeniable that natural talent plays a big part in any career. If you are thinking of becoming that interior whiz, follow these pointers.

Good eye for color

It isn’t easy to notice undertones, and thus if this comes naturally to you, that might mean that spotting differentiation in colors would not be difficult for you. Having an idea for color and having the sense to be able to know which colors go together is good a starting point to help you as an interior designer.

Are you fine with multitasking

As a designer or decorator, you will be called in to mediate, as a contractor and so many other obligations. You have to play a balance between the many assignments you get from your clients as you handle them concurrently. If dealing with many projects at a time isn’t a problem to you, then you can consider taking on a career in interior designing.

Are a natural born leader?

Being a leader that is able to provide clear design direction to your team is an important soft skill, especially if you are in the commercial interior design industry. There are clients to manage, work to deal with and as a project manager, you deal with all kinds of people and managing their interests requires strong interpersonal and leadership skills. Therefore, if you are that soft-spoken pushover, this may not be your career line. However, this is not a ‘cast-in-stone’ skill; some decorators who are not very confident would opt to work under experienced designers and take time to learn the skills. You would realize that this is a necessary skill in ID companies that are often engaged in offering commercial interior design services to big companies.

Are you good with eyeballing?

Much of the interior design work is visualizing. Yes, you have the tools and apparatus like cameras and a laptop that can help you estimate sizes but you should also be able to give a size estimate long before you have the production out. This should come naturally; if you can’t really figure out this and even after spending money, you get it wrong- then you’d rather find your career path.

Are you able to play around with scale, proportion, perspective, and balance?

Naturally, you could be having the ability to visualize these four concepts. Others gain this through education or experience. However, some people don’t seem to connect the dots when it comes to the application of the above and for such, you could choose your appropriate niche in this expansive field of design.

You could be endowed with the traits highlighted above but unaware. Thus, it is imperative you get to scrutinize through study and honest criticism of yourself. Understand your likes and see if whatever you are inclined to is something closer to interior design. Close friends and colleagues can also help you identify the talent in you.

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