Do You Need a Terraced Retaining Wall in Your Backyard – and If So,Do You Need a Professional to Build It?

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Coming up with a new landscaping design for your backyard is always an exciting undertaking. Maybe you already have a pretty decent design that you’re just looking to update and modernize and want to be sure you go about things the right way. One area that can cause a bit of confusion is a terraced retaining wall. While retaining walls can look decorative and part of the design, their job isn’t to provide interest; rather, they are meant to provide support where needed.

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This leads us to the next question:when to build terraced retaining walls? What should it look like? What is its job? And if you do need one, is this something you should do on your own or do you need a professional to get the job done? Let’s examine this topic a little closer.

What is a Terraced Retaining Wall?

Unless you happen to work in the landscaping industry, you may not be familiar with what a terraced retaining wall is. A terraced retaining wall is very similar to a regular retaining wall in its purpose, but the execution is a bit different. In the terraced models, you will have different levels of the actual retaining wall. These various levels are called terraces. Typically, there will be a border wall holding each of these terraced levels in place. That border can be made of bricks, stones, or even bouldersthat are grouped or mortared together.

Because there are multiple levels, these terraced retaining walls can be a bit bigger and grander looking.

Why Would You Need a Retaining Wall?

So, besides the different terraces adding visual appeal in a backyard, what is the actual purpose of a retaining wall? As mentioned, a retaining wall is meant to add support and help to level out uneven ground. Nature is beautiful, but it often is filled with dips, hills, and uneven surfaces. These can be frustrating when you’re trying to design a useable space in your backyard and depending on how steep the hill is, it can also be dangerous.

A retaining wall gives people the ability to carve out flat spaces and then hold back the slope with a wall. Because the wall is made of strong materials, such as boulders, bricks, and stones, as discussed above, it will be able to take the weight and support it.

Can You Build a Terraced Retaining Wall Yourself?

There are all kinds of backyard DIY jobs that you can tackle on your own, and then take real pride in the results, building a retaining wall isn’t necessarily one of those. Understanding the physics of not only digging out the flat surface, but how and where to position the wall, and how to ensure it is strong enough, takes a lot of skill and knowledge. There’s also the fact that it requires a fair amount of heavy-duty equipment and material. This is why it’s usually best left to the professionals.

So, if you suspect you may need a retaining wall in your yard, it doesn’t hurt to have a local professional come out, take a look, provide you with a quote, at least giving you an idea of what would be required.

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