How to build a buzz before your creative crowdfunding campaign goes live

Published On June 21, 2018 | By admin | Home-Improvement

At Impact Guru, our crowdfunding India platform, we are seeing more and more innovators and  coming forward and presenting their fundraising ideas to the world in the hopes that they can raise capital for their projects without digging into personal savings. There are filmmakers, photographers, sculptors, actors, painters, and so many more who are widely accepting the new technique of fundraising, one that doesn’t involve government grants, investors, or borrowings of any kind. This shows that India is brimming with talent in every corner, and with a little help, they can go a long way.

In the past, we’ve noticed that some campaigns, despite having incredibly innovative ideas for their creative projects, fail to raise money. We dug a little deeper to find that while the ideas were fool proof, the crowdfunding India campaign strategy was lacking. So we’ve put together a few pointers that will help you create a buzz around your crowdfunding campaign just before your go live.

Word of mouth

First and foremost, communicate with your friends, family and inner circle about your idea and your fundraising efforts to further it. They will be the most supportive network and will in fact help you promote your campaign when it actually goes live, for your close ones are always rooting for your success.

Create a social media presence

Your social media efforts should begin much before your campaign. Start a Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter page and tell the world about yourself and about your art. Get people to like and follow your page. On Facebook, you get to create category specific pages to help you reach out to your target audience. In addition, photos, videos, and hashtag will be crucial in grabbing people’s attention.


If you’re a filmmaker, you can share a trailer, if you’re a photographer, you can share some of the work that people can expect to see in your new project, and if you’re into performing arts, snippets of your performance or rehearsals will make for great teasers. Those who are interested will in your project will surely stay tuned for the larger project.

Pre-sales and rewards

People who are crowdfunding for a product or service usually kick-start their sales strategy well in advance, offering exciting offers to initial buyers if the campaign is successful. For instance, Xiaomi, a popular mobile handset company recently launched their crowdfunding campaign in India, and asked interested customers to prepay for the product, and if they campaign is successful, the product will be shipped to them. Offering discounts for prepaid products is a great incentive to raise money fast, as well as create a buzz. In the same way, you may also offer rewards to people who contribute the most funds, or other contests to keep people engaged.


Especially in India, the status of a celebrity is valued so much. If you are acquainted with a popular public figure or an influencer, ask them to communicate your idea to their circles. Popular influencers would include instagram celebrities, youtubers, politicians, actors etc.

So if you’re from the creative field looking to raise money for a dream project, be sure to incorporate these tips as part of the pre-launch strategy of your campaign. Start your campaign with Impact Guru, the largest online crowdsourcing platform in India.

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