How to Decorate an Extra Room as a Bedroom

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Transforming an extra room into a bedroom requires some creating planning to ensure you maximize the space’s functionality. Select a bedroom decor scheme that highlights the space’s best features while masking or changing its design challenges.

  1. Clear the space. Bulky furniture, piles of paper and other clutter bog down bedroom decor, particularly if your bonus room has a tight floor plan. Move tall pieces away from windows so that natural light travels through the room.
  2. Integrate architectural elements that make the bonus room more functional. If your bonus room has little or no light, a skylight or solar tubes make a big difference. If the room lacks a closet, floating shelves painted to match the walls gives the look of built-in shelving and provides open storage.Image result for How to Decorate an Extra Room as a Bedroom
  3. Paint the bonus room to make the most of its design features. Make ceilings appear higher with a white or a lighter hue than the surrounding walls. A semigloss finish reflects natural light. If your bonus room has vaulted ceilings and sloping walls, paint the ceiling and the slanted wall the same color to open up the space. Cool tones such as stone gray, lavender, silver, steel blue, periwinkle or sage green make walls appear to recede. Paint trim, doors, window wells or window frames a bright hue for a pop of color. Stencils, stamps or wall decals embellish walls without adding the weight of artwork.
  4. Furnish your bonus room with pieces that make the room feel homier. If your bonus room has no closet but enough wall space, an armoire or dresser makes sense. In very tight floor plans, you may need to use a platform bed with storage containers underneath or, if the ceiling is high, a loft bed that has a closet system stowed beneath it. A corner shelf, lidded baskets and wire plant stands provide storage for tight corners and narrow spaces. See a full range of bargain beds in our Leeds store.
  5. Soften surfaces with textiles. While furnishings may be minimalist and simple, you can be bolder with textiles. Hang an ethnic wall hanging behind the bed for the look of a headboard without the bulk. Stack throws and pillows in a variety of patterns and colors for a gypsy bohemian look or stick to a more monochromatic scheme for a streamlined interior. Keep window treatments adjustable or minimal with sheer panels, window scarves, shutters or Roman blinds.

Tips & Warnings

Illuminate your bedroom with multiple sources of light such as a pendant light, a bouquet of paper lanterns, a bedside table lamp, wall sconces or a floor lamp.

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