How to Get Kids Interested in Gardening

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Having your kids help in the gardening is an excellent way of spending some quality time together. Children can learn a lot from growing plants and other species, they get great joy in seeing a newly planted flower start to push through the earth or a bee coming in to pollinate a flower on a sunny summer morning. Here are some great ways to get your kids involved in gardening.

Use a Robotic Lawn Mower

We live in a society where kids are surrounded by technology, so why not embrace this tech and use some of it in your garden. A robotic lawn mower is a futuristic looking device that operates autonomously, it is placed in a charging station in your yard and once it is fully charged, it exits the dock and starts to cut the lawn.

Kids love new, quirky pieces of technology and if it gets them interested in gardening then all the better. You can get them to help you lay the boundary wire around the garden, this acts as a grid for the robotic mower. These cool devices are on sale throughout the UK, you can easily purchase a robot lawn mower in Northern Ireland, England, Scotland or Wales for an affordable price. Children are amazed at these trendy new lawn mowers and they love watching them glide around the yard cutting the grass in random sections.

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Let Them Get Dirty

Let’s face it, kids love to play in the muck, so why not get them involved in planting as you tend to your garden. Set a patch aside for them and let them dig a good-sized hole, once they’ve finished doing that you can show them how to place the plant inside and fill in the surrounding area. It is best to start them gardening as young as possible, let them play with the dirt in between their hands, let them smell the scent of nature, they’ll enjoy every minute of their time spend with their parents and as they get older they’ll start to ask more questions.

Make It Inclusive

You won’t get kids interested in gardening if you don’t let them get involved. It doesn’t matter if they make a mess, the purpose of having them there is to get them absorbed in gardening. Give them their own tools and gloves, set them a task and let them go about it.

It doesn’t matter if you only plant 1 of the 20 flowers you were supposed to, the point is your children got to plant at least one, which means they’ll take pride in it. You can bring them back to check on its progress and they’ll be delighted when they see it blossom.

There are several ways to get your kids interested in gardening, using cool new gadgets like a robot lawn mower will always have them intrigued. Even young kids are tech savvy, so they’ll have no problems helping you to set boundary wire and programme the robot. Make everything as inclusive as possible and make sure they get involved.  


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