How to Make a Style Statement On Your Walls

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While feature walls aren’t a new interior design concept, how you style them out is continuously changing as new trends emerge. Today, we’re going to be looking at how you can transform any room in your home with a simple yet highly impactful feature wall – leaving you with the ultimate style statement in your home.

From experimenting with bold colours and wall tiles to figuring out how to make your wall a work of art, read on for our top tips for stylish walls that speak volumes.

Frame it

Picture frames are a much-loved addition to walls and are, of course, the perfect way to dress a bare wall – but if you want to create an interesting focal point in your home, try using picture frames in a less conventional way.

The most obvious idea is to select a piece of artwork as the wall’s focal point. Whether it’s a prized painting, vintage tapestry or treasured ornament, using your walls as a backdrop for showcasing one stunning piece is priceless. Position this piece in the centre of a wall and keep things simple, using lighting and furniture to frame the artwork and draw the eye in.

You can also use frames to create an interesting feature wall by mounting empty frame outlines rather than the whole picture frame. On a blank wall, mix and match different shapes, sizes, styles and colours of frame, hanging them in clusters to create an on-trend and characterful feature. You can even add a personal touch by using your own photos or favourite prints in some of them.

Sketch it

Patterned wallpaper has long been a popular choice for feature walls, and it’s still a fantastic way to make an impact. However, to bring your home right up-to-date with the latest wallpaper trends, think about personalising your wallpaper design to add something truly unique.

From hand-painted geometric stencils and murals to personalised maps and artwork printed onto wallpaper, making a style statement with your walls is all about bringing your personality and character to the fore in new and interesting ways.

Tile it

Although wall tiles serve a functional purpose in bathrooms and kitchens, there’s no reason you can’t combine function with fashion to create a colourful focal point in either of these rooms.

From patterned encaustic kitchen tiles to pretty mosaics in vibrant colours, using tiles to create an eye-catching design in your kitchen or bathroom is a fantastic way to let your walls take centre stage.

After a bathroom tile overhaul, you might even be inspired to upgrade your bathroom taps to complement your new style further. Timeless chrome goes well with just about any tile style, so don’t feel penned-in by whichever wall style you choose.

Colour it

Walls make the perfect blank canvas, primed for embracing bright and bold colours in your home – so why not paint one wall in a signature colour, beautifully complemented by paler, more neutral tones? Whether you opt for punchy colours like lime green or electric blue, or you prefer soft, earthy tones like pale sage and olive, painting walls in your favourite shades is one of the simplest ways to style them.

Alternatively, you can add a splash of colour with a painted pattern – from geometric shapes to vertical stripes, a unique use of colour on one wall is sure to set your home apart.

Whatever your personal tastes, we hope you’ve found plenty of inspiration when it comes to making a bold style statement on your walls. Whether you add flair with frames or a splash of colour with paint, walls are the ultimate canvas, if you’re looking to implement some simple yet high-impact updates in your home this year.

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