How to Prepare Your Pool for the Summer time

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The biggest chore of having your own pool is opening it for the summer. Taking the cover off and starting the filter system are simple enough. The real problem can be the color of the pool. It will probably need a little work and some chemicals to get it clean again. Make sure you prepare your pool properly before kicking off the summer season with a swim. Here are some tips on how to prepare your pool for the summertime.

Add Necessary Chemicals

Before cleaning your swimming pool, use chlorine and any other needed chemicals to ensure the water in the pool is properly balanced. How much you will need to add depends on how clean your pool is and how frequently you maintain it.

Don’t Empty Your Pool

You should never empty your pool, even if you live in a cold climate. Unless there’s a real need, such as structural work, the water shouldn’t be drained. This is why it’s important to use a pool cover. Draining your swimming pool can actually lead to major problems.

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Clean the Pool

After adding any necessary chemicals, remove leaves and other debris from the pool with a scoop of some sort. Scrub the bottom and sides of the pool to prevent algae from growing and to remove any dirt. While scrubbing the pool, make sure the pump is on so dirt and other debris will be removed from the water through the filter.

Ensure the Pump and Filter Works Properly

When you open your pool for the summer, don’t be too surprised if the water isn’t clear. It could be cloudy or even green. Thoroughly inspect the pump to make sure water is flowing through the filter. It’s important to get the filter system running once you take the pool cover off. Be sure to run the filter system until the swimming pool is clear. Then, run the system 10-12 hours a day. Ensuring your pool’s pump functions properly should be part of your regular pool maintenance.

Test the Pool Water

Be sure to test the pool’s chemical levels before diving in. There are several different pool test kits available. Make sure to follow the instructions of whichever kit you choose carefully. You can also usually bring a water sample to have it professionally tested at a pool store. Many will test it for free.

Open Your Pool Early

Opening your pool back up earlier in the year allows you to take advantage of an early sales at pool stores or pool websites. There’s also the added benefit of already having your pool open in case of an early start to summer weather. Opening your swimming pool earlier can also help prevent the growth of algae.

Clean Your Winter Cover

It’s also recommended that you clean your swimming pool’s winter cover before you store it for the summer season. Car wash soap can be used with a brush to scrub the cover clean, or you can buy cover cleaner, which doesn’t require the cover to be dry before storing it.

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