How to Save Energy Around the Home

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Rising energy bills mean that we’re having to be more careful with just how much we’re spending to both heat and power our homes. We always suggesting keeping an eye on just how much electricity, water and gas you’re using around the home on a monthly basis. This can be done through simply looking at your utility bills.

You will often find that your costs will increase as we head into the colder months as it requires a little more effort to keep our homes warm. To assist in this endeavour, we’re going to outline a few money saving tips that you can make use of to assist you in lowering your energy bills.

  1. Compare Energy Suppliers

First off, we would always suggest shopping around for the best value for money. Some suppliers are going to be cheaper than others and sometimes by a considerable margin. There are many comparison websites that you can make use of so we would suggest that you start there.

Saving even a penny off each kwh used can amount to a significant saving over a period of a year so remember to run a thorough calculation.

  1. Keep Those Doors, Windows and Curtains Closed

Whenever you open a door or a window, you’re letting the cold in. This won’t really matter too much in the summer when we’re trying to find a comfortable balance but in the winter, you’re going to find yourself spending more money to heat your home.

A small amount of ventilation is fine such as a window trickle vent but extended periods of door or window opening are counterproductive.

Even when windows are shut, a lot of heat is lost through them. To prevent this, make sure that you draw your curtains shut of an evening which will help your home to retain its heat.

  1. Use Your Thermostat Properly

You would be surprised at just how much money can be saved by making a few minor tweaks to your homes thermostat. An internal temperature of 20 degrees Celsius is a happy medium for most people. If this isn’t warm enough, we suggest making us of appropriate clothing.

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Simply knocking your thermostat down by a couple of degrees could save you hundreds of pounds a year.

  1. Switch Your Heaters Off When Not Home

This one should be obvious, there is no point in heating an empty house. Instead make use of the timer function on your boiler so that your heating comes on an hour before you arrive at home – giving you a nice and toasty environment to step into.

Upgrade Your Heating Systems

If you’re still struggling, it might be time for a new boiler or an alternative method of heating your home. There are several companies offering energy saving solutions in Glasgow so we suggest making use of one for further advice. You will often find that a new more efficient boiler can drastically reduce your yearly heating bills.

Rather than suffer in silence, make use of all of the information that is widely available to make running your home more affordable.

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