How to Split Wood Correctly?

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A lot of people need logs during the winter season. It is a time when burning fire to maintain a comfy temperature inside the house is common. Everybody likes to get cozy warmth, but everybody finds it difficult to split the logs which are hard and look indestructible. However, anything is possible when you are using a right set of tools. It is possible that you are trying to split the wood for the first time and need some assistance regarding how to do it. So, here we are going to discuss two popular methods of splitting the wood.

Splitting the wood by using a maul or axe:

A lot of people love to sweat out in the winter season for arranging woods to heat their property. The two popular tools used for splitting the wood are maul and axe. Different people prefer different tools. When you need to choose between a maul and an axe, the selection depends on the type of the wood you have. If you are trying to split large size wooden logs, you should use a maul. Its wider head and heavier size make it the best tool for splitting logs. You can use an axe if you want to split small wooden chunks or small logs. Both tools work great.

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You must know the right way of holding this tool in order to apply the maximum power. Use your left hand to hold the lower section of the tool and right hand to hold around the neck of the tool. Now swing the splitting tool over your head and attack one of many cracks over the wooden log. It is how you can split the wood in just one try. The position of hands will change if you are a lefty.

Splitting the wood by using a log splitter:

When you are not in the mood to stand out in the winter and split logs by applying too much body power, you need another alternative. The log splitter is a power tool designed specifically to split tough logs. You can get many varieties in the log splitter. It can be available in different sizes and different designs. You can get gas powered wood splitters or electric powered. It would be powerful enough to break any tough log into two or more pieces. You can gather all the logs in your garage and conveniently split them in many pieces by using this tool.

Should use a maul or a log splitter?

There is no comparison between a log splitter and hand operated tools. Using an axe or maul is always risky. A little negligence can be a big reason of injury. You can injure yourself or others if the axe is slipped out from your hands. The log splitter is a handy tool. It is safe because it does not split the wood until you pull the liver. So, if you need to split a lot of logs daily, you should read reviews to identify the best log splitter, and use it whenever you need it.

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