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Glass religious candles in different religious designs and colours are suitable to be used during prayers. Glass candle implies that the candle is housed in a glass container. The glass container enhances the look of the flame burning within it and brightens the colour of the candle. A glass religious candle comes labeled with an image to signify the wishes and desires that it is capable of fulfilling for the person. At there are many types of such candles.

Mystical prepared

Mystical prepared 7 day candles are long burning candles which are available in different colours and labels according to their power. Some have been mentioned here.

The Mystical Go Away Evil glass candle is purple coloured and possesses a strong fragrance. The image printed on the label of this candle signifies evil forces. You can burn this candle to get rid of evil forces threatening your house or business.

The Mystical Come to Me glass candle helps you in attracting any person whom you love. You need to write the name of the person you desire on a parchment paper and place it under the candle before lighting it. The candle should burn completely after which the paper needs to be buried.

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Mystical Hummingbird, cease all evil, money rain, improve business and many more are other kinds of 7 day mystical glass candles available in the online store.

Eternalux labeled

These glass candles have labels bearing Christian religious symbols and figures. They are widely used for prayers. Some of have been mentioned here.

7 day eternalux labeled green glass candle with the label bearing the image of Jesus Malverde. The blessings of Jesus Malverde are sought by burning this candle. He can be invoked to provide help, guidance and protection during times of trouble.

Candle Eternalux Pope Francis, Holy Death and Sacred heart of Jesus are other kinds of such glass candles available for sale.


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