Innovative Solutions for Compressed Air

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For many decades, industry has relied on air compressors and over a period of time, new methods enabled a greater efficiency. The traditional piston type air compressor has served many industries since the 1920s, and although earlier versions were very noisy, they delivered the required amount of air to complete the task, whatever that might be. Compressed air has many different applications, a garage, for example, would use compressed air to power their tools, while road breaking equipment also runs on compressed air.

The Piston Air Compressor

Typically, this would consist of two, in-line cylinders that operate as they would in an internal combustion engine, drawing in the air as the piston recedes, then compressing it as a valve is opened, which releases the air into a chamber or tank. Modern versions can be V-shaped, with twin cylinders, and noise levels have dropped considerably in the fast few decades, making the piston air compressor a popular choice for many small businesses.

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The Rotary Screw Compressor

This ingenious device uses two threads that rotate in opposite directions, and they are very finely engineered to allow for minimal air loss, and as they turn, this forces the air to one end of the axis, and the faster it spins, the more air it moves. If a business owner had a requirement for compressed air, they would be better off investing in rotary screw compressors, as they are far more efficient, and run silently.

Dynamic Displacement – The above two types of compressor use what is called positive displacement, but for heavy duty roles like electric turbines, dynamic displacement offers a much higher output. This uses centrifugal force and impellers. The spinning impeller imparts its kinetic energy into the air, which is then converted into pressure energy, and dynamic displacement can create very high volumes of compressed air, as is needed in the oil and gas industries.

Oil Lubrication

There are two main types of air compressor, oil lubricated and oil-less, with the latter being more expensive, and is used when the atmosphere must be clean, such as the food and beverage industry and other environments that need clean air.

Online Solutions

If your business has a need for compressed air, there are online suppliers and with their expertise, they would be able to advise you accordingly. Modern compressors are smaller and less noisy, but it really does depend on your needs, as to which type is best, and with an online supplier, you also have the benefit of their experience in helping you to select something suitable.

Compressor Trailers

Many applications require a mobile compressor, such as pneumatic tools for road construction and repairs, and modern units are reasonably light and portable, a far cry from the first versions. Continued development has resulted in a wide range of machines that can provide compressed air for a range of industries, and while a majority of users prefer rotary screw, dynamic displacement is vital for the oil and gas industry.

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