Keep Your Septic Tank Clean

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If you have a large family or if you regularly have guests, then more people than average are using the various water facilities and associated drainage in your home. This could become a problem in the future because of extra strains on your septic tank. Indeed, this issue could ultimately lead to your septic tank overflowing, which could create a saturated and hazardous area on your residential or commercial property, as well as unpleasant odours or groundwater pollution. Therefore, to prevent these problems from happening, you should consider carrying out a number of simple maintenance and operating tips which can help prevent your septic tank from overflowing or becoming problematic in the future which could lead to a significant cost to repair.

Be careful what you flush

One of the simplest things that you can do to prevent your septic tank from having problems is to not flush away anything that you did not eat apart from ordinary toilet paper. Indeed, the technology behind a septic tank is based on decomposing human waste and not a number of other items which people regularly flush down the toilet. You should never flush away non-biodegradable items including baby wipes, all types of feminine products, nappies, paper towels or cotton buds. These items should never be flushed into a septic tank as they can create blockages while this can subsequently reduce the efficiency of the system while also requiring you to clean and pump out the waste from your septic tank on a regular basis. Furthermore, in more serious cases, flushing such materials into your septic tank can cause a serious system failure and a large cleanup operation which could cost a significant amount.

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Keep your septic tank clear

Another simple tip that you can use to prevent damage to your septic tank system is to not park any vehicles over the various pipes, tanks or treatment areas that may exist on your residential or commercial property. Furthermore, you should also keep motor homes, boats or other vehicles from parking anywhere near the drainage systems for your residential or commercial property. If you are looking for advice about septic tank cleaning in King’s Lynn, then you should consider searching online for your local firm of experts as soon as possible.

Pump your tank

Furthermore, you should also make sure you regularly pump the contents of your septic tank to make sure that it does not overflow. Indeed, you should consider setting up a schedule for pumping the contents of your septic tank, which should ideally be every couple of years, to prevent any costly repairs in the future as a result of a failed septic tank.

Landscape your treatment area

Finally, another way to prevent problems with your septic tank is to landscape your garden. Indeed, by simply planting grass around your septic tank, you can help to drain the overflow from the system. However, you should consider avoiding trees, shrubs or other deep rooted plants which could cause damage to your septic tank underground.

Therefore, in conclusion, if you want to maintain your septic tank and prevent problems in the future, then you should consider following these various tips.

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