Know The Update About The Requirement Of Glass Handrail For Glass Railing

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You may sometimes wonder whether or not it is required to have a glass handrail on the top of a glass railing. Well, if you are using monolithic tempered glass then it is an absolute “yes” according to the International Building Code Council. You must also have the approval of the local code official. However, you will findinstallations with glass balustrades in place that has an exposed edge on top of the guard rails. Therefore, you may wonder about disconnect or conflict between actual installations and the code requirements. Well, in most cases it is due to the ambiguity in the oldcode language.

The Support Factor

Previously, the IBC had a different ruling related to glass railing. It considered the support factor and stated that each handrail must be supported by at least three glass balusters. This will enable the others to stay in place and provide the necessary support should one baluster panel fail. It eliminated installation of glass balusters without ahandrail or guard attached with it to preventfalls. Moreover, the law also states that such guards are required in areas that had a minimum drop of 30 inches. In addition to that the height requirement of the guardrails was specified to a minimum of 42 inches for commercial buildings and 36 inches for residential applications.

Few Other Updates

The law also states that handrail is mandatory on stairs. It must be installed between 34 and 38 inches is the stairs meet the minimum drop limits. However, there is a confusion in the statements which says glass balusters must not be installed without a guard or handrail attached. The installers and designersinterpreted this in a wrong way and felt the code is met when a handrail is attached. Actually, the term ‘guard’ in the code refers to a structure that will prevent accidental fall.

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