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In terms of wooden flooring, people are much into trying hardwood or softwoods. Some people have a generic misconception that these floors are all the same, but there are some differences to it. It is really important for you to make one informative decision, only after you are sure of the options to consider over here. You have to understand more about these two types of wooden floors and then come to a decision on making the right choice. Wood is primarily classified to be either hard or soft, depending on the tree from which, it is associated. Not only the tree but the seed structure further helps to determine if the wood is a hard one or a soft one.

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Difference in the hardness:

The current difference in the hardness of the wood can vary a lot for the hardwood and softwood options. In most of the cases, the hardwood one tends to be quite harder than the softwood, but this is not the case always. You can take balsa wood for an example. It is extremely light in weight but always classified to be hardwood. On the other hand, you have Lew, which is yet another example of hard softwood.

More on the flooring:

Most of the people prefer to go for the hardwood option when it comes to flooring, for that extreme level of durability and loner working life. The deciduous trees are known to offer hardwood and these trees are mostly termed as angiosperms. The fruits, these trees are going to produce, will have that hard shell and will be drop to ground. These are not air-borne like the acorns. Some of the common examples of these trees are oak, beech, walnut, alder, walnut, maple, teak, mahogany, hickory and balsa. So, gain more information first before getting into any result.

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