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Life has become tough as well as busy for many people. Also, looking and searching for an appropriate Interior design for their flooring becomes a heavy task to catch up to. Lacking in knowledge regarding tiling, it becomes even harder to conclude about what kind of tile will be appropriate for them. So to start from the scratch, let’s understand and educated ourselves about the suitable material for the floor tiling. Porcelain stoneware has always been the choice of people who are way too busy in their work and fails to invest enough time in the flooring to look after.

Porcelain Floor tiles have its USP as it contains many different features that come in handy. To know more about these marvelous stones, let’s jump right into it and know it’s crucial features that make it a Unique choice:

DURABILITY: With the solid and strong building material, Porcelain stoneware is one of the toughest tiles that are available in the international market. Resistance to high and huge impact stress, with strong material, these tiles provide durability. With the PEI rating of 5, Porcelain tiles even qualify for the heavy equipment use. Even in public places, where the floors are always busy, Porcelain floor tiling proves to be one of the strongest tile ever produced.

MOISTURE RESISTANCE: Leaving on pores on the surface, the density of Porcelain tile makes it resistant to liquid or moisture penetration, giving it an upper hand over other ceramic tiles which have higher chances of being prone to moisture absorption.

STAIN RESISTANCE: The elements contained in the Porcelain tiles are naturally resistant to stain. Thus, helping the tile to stain resistant. As not being prone to stain, These stones amazingly provides the guarantee of not discoloring itself over a long span of time.

With more features like Being Fireproof, Low maintenance, easy repairs, Porcelain Tiles have the best recipe to make the owners happy and satisfied. However, to Find a place where one can find the appropriate design of Porcelain tiles, is a tough task. Luckily Refin Ceramiche provides the owners, wide range of Porcelain tile flooring with great variety in designs and tiles itself. The architects from Italy has redesigned the existence of Porcelain tiles and made it more usable for the owners. Not just with the concretes, they have recreated and redesigned the variety of stones with the Professional skills of craftsmen, making the product look much more modern with the touch of traditional approach. A perfect balance of both.

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