Prefabricated Single Car Garages

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In case you are in need of a new car garage for your car, this collection of car garages for separate vehicles will come in handy for you. Even better, there is a broad selection of options that would fit your needs and budget as follows. An economy prefab garage is perfect on a tight budget, while if you seek to add some more class you can opt for a classic single car garage line. For more sophisticated builds, a premier single car garage and the legacy two story garages could sit as centerpieces on the property.

Economy Prefab Garages

Supposing the items sitting outside in your yard start irritating you, and you are now ready to start cleaning a garage, without having to spend much money. Well then you can go for the Economy Sheds Unlimited, and you can be sure you will not regret it. One of the most sought-after selections in this category is the Workshop Portable Garage.

For a tidier garage space, you need extra storage overhead, which comes with a Maxi Barn Economy Garage. The Saltbox Garage also gives you an option if you are on a tight budget while providing a refreshing overhang feature. You can get options for lofts, upgraded doors, shelves, etc.

Most of the mentioned options come in wood and good paint finishing. However, if you are the one to avoid painting for a decade or thereabouts, you can get some of these options in the vinyl coating. With the materials being as eco-friendly as possible, you can store your car in the most carefree way possible.

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Classic Prefab Garages for single autos

Looking to step up and add a little more class for a Car garage? Look no further; a Classic Prefab Garage offers you this solution. With higher roof centers for a steeper roof profile, broader overtops, garages in this category come in clapboard, vinyl or wood siding, and featuring glass glazing in the overhead door. These types of garages come in Workshop styles alone but ensure you have that extra class for your garage.

Premier Prefab single auto Garages

Each garage is unique in its ways. This prefabricated garage is a fancy style in its class by all rights. It brings beauty to the estate and thus stands out as a center of attraction on the property.

There are two options available in this collection. The mainstream Premier Garden garage for one car comes with a Shed Dormer that the client can opt for, and it looks fantastic. Additionally, a Premier Dutch Barn gives that vintage old school Gambrel Garage appearance.

Legacy two story single car Garage

This build is the ultimate choice for a motorhead who would like to have extra room to be creative and dream, a gym, a man cave or maybe storage area. The two-story garage has its name for a reason. It features a full-size stairway and a vast floor at the end. Be creative and use that extra space for whatever you like.

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