Rental Furnishings Are Not Just for Uni Students

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Broke, overworked, and subsisting on Mi Goreng. That’s how I would describe my university experience – as would a lot of other people I would say. Trying to get by on a student allowance, staying under the allowed hours of work a week to keep it (plus a few cashies here and there), and pulling all-nighters to get assignments finished. What a time to be alive!

I also thrived under pressure and managed to spend a good chunk of my time down at the Tav so uni was actually awesome – you have to take the good with the bad! My P’s got me the degree in the end too.

Throughout my uni days I was in a uni share house with 3 other people. A couple, Dave and Jan, and a guy called Greg, too – although Greg dropped out halfway through and was replaced twice, once by Mike, who left to go travelling, and then by Carl.

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So, in my share house, Jan was like the mother hen. She kept us all on top of things, made sure bills were paid, the house was always (relatively) clean – or you’d get a talking to from her, and that it was a place that people would be happy to stop by and visit.

One of the things that Jan insisted on was not having any “skanky op shop furniture” around the house. And so it was pretty much all. It was great because we all just put in a little bit a week (included in rent, handled by Jan) and then that was that – we didn’t have to worry about it and our house looked great.

Anyway, eventually after graduation we all scored jobs. Dave and Jan moved on to their own place in the city (and were engaged soon after), I took a job in another state and Carl… Well who knows what happened to Carl I’m not friends with him on Facebook so I couldn’t tell you.

I was super excited to move interstate. The company I landed a job with put me up in a hotel while I went out house hunting. I was also excited to pick out new furniture to put into my place too. But after thinking for it for a little bit I decided to nix the purchasing and continue on renting instead. Like I did in my old house, I got a housemate in and they contributed to the cost of the furniture rental as part of the rent too.

I was super glad I did! After 18 months in the role I had the opportunity to take up an overseas posting, something I’d only dreamed about a few years before. So that meant I had to pack absolutely everything up and move. Now if I’d had my own furniture this would have been a whole lot more annoying.

I would’ve had to either a) put it in storage until I came back – expensive and who knows if/when I’d be coming back b) sell the furniture – at a huge loss I’m sure and quite annoying according to friends who’ve done it or c) give it away – obviously the full cost of the furniture would be lost this way. None of these sound like very good options if you ask me!

So that’s why renting furniture isn’t just for uni students. You never know what’s going to happen in your life, what exciting opportunities will come your way. Being bogged down with material possessions makes it difficult to just make these sort of decisions easily. So do what I do and make it easier to bounce around by renting.

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