Solar power to reduce the power bill

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The fossil fuels are not going to last forever. It is the time we think about renewable energy seriously. Among the new and renewable energy sources, the solar energy stands on top. Adaptation of solar power can dramatically cut short your fuel bills.

The solar power kit essentiality consists of a solar panel system.. Earlier flat plate collectors using solar panels were only available. But now we have a variety of solar panels right from monocrystalline to polycrystalline structured are easily accessible. The efficiency of latest solar panels is quite high. That means that the rate of conversion of the falling solar power to the solar panel to electricity is pretty high.

Earlier they solar panel installations to tap solar power were costly proposals, but the emerging technologies make the solar panels much more affordable. Even the duration of sunshine was a major criterion, but the advancement has overcome this lacuna to some extent. Power production even during the cloudy or rainy season is possible now with the latest solar panels (Solar cells that can create electricity through the heat that surrounds it.)

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Solar power is the conversion of solar rays into electricity using photovoltaic systems. The sun rays which fall in the solar panels are converted to electricity. The power thus generated can be stored in batteries and used when required. The power can be directly used to run pumps or air conditioners. The solar power is a green energy which is the need of the hour.

Thermophotovoltaic Cells are the advanced version of solar cells using the light and heat of solar power simultaneously to generate electricity. The materials of construction of solar cells are many- glass, plastic, Gold, Aluminium, Magnesium fluoride, etc.

It is the eco-friendliness that is shown when you use solar panels and solar power.



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