The Danger of Winter Pests

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Winter is a time in which pests, rather like humans, appreciate a warm and safe shelter from the harsh weather conditions, preferably close to a convenient food supply. Winter is also the time that people consider pests an improbability.

Pest Control Berkshire is one of the leading local pest control experts and across Berkshire and neighbouring counties, their specialists know they’ll be busy this winter.

Did you know that it is the property owner’s legal obligation to ensure that a pest issue does not spread to neighbours and adjacent premises under the 1949 Prevention of Damage by Pest Act. (PDPA.) Local authorities vary in the level of assistance they offer.

Professional pest control specialists have the training, qualifications and experience to apply the correct measures. One approach does not fit all cases or pests. Eradication and relocation are both viable pest control options, but experts appreciate the natural life cycle and environmental ramifications of control.


Woodworm is a generic term for wood boring beetles.

Unlike other pests, woodworm don’t die out or hibernate in winter. They ensconce themselves in timber as larvae and pupa for 2-5 years. Woodworm often appear in the autumn as dampness increases and they enjoy the cool variable temperatures. They eat the cellulose in timber to survive, from joists to window frames to furniture.

Rats and mice

Winter, mice and rat removal services are old adversaries.

Statistically we are never more than 6 feet from a rat and the population is rising steadily.

Rodents prefer a comfortable space with a ready food source to scuttling around bins in rain, snow and cruel winds. Rat control is imperative to remove risks of disease and cross contamination.

That small hole you didn’t get around to fixing in the roof, outbuilding or floorboard can be all the mice and rats require to gain access to the property.An open window that leads to a welcoming food cupboard, crumbs on a worktop or pet food bowl act as excellent motivation for these intelligent and loyal creatures to make your home their winter residence. Watch for signs of chewed electric cabling, this presents a fire risk.

Services providers have access to licenced and highly effective mice and rat control treatments. DIY solutions can be eaten by some rats with no ill effects so please, trust the professionals with rodent control.

Wasps, flies and cockroaches

Only the wasp queen and a few males survive the autumnal fall in temperatures, this group will create their next colony in the spring. If you find a wasp nest in an attic, shed, garage or within a tree trunk, please act immediately. Relocation rather than eradication is preferred by pest control experts because wasps have a vital role to play in the eco-system.

Spiders eat flies and cockroaches, but can only do so if they aren’t killed as they wander.

These opportunistic pests will happily overwinter on your property, if you allow them. Call in pest control professionals to avoid health and safety risks and restore your peace of mind.

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