The Impact of Improper Rubbish Removal London

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Every household and commercial building in London deals with rubbish on a daily basis. Thanks to modern ecological methods of waste management like recycling and renewable energy, we have made great strides in conserving the environment. Whether its simple household rubbish or commercial waste of businesses, proper rubbish removal London matters. Unfortunately, some people still choose to improperly dispose of waste, actions whose adverse effects continue to plague us to date, including:

Soil Contamination

Some wastes that accumulate on the land excrete hazardous chemicals that slowly leak deep into the soil. Soil contamination affects plant growth, as well as, humans and animals feeding on those plants. A good example is plastic waste. It takes hundreds of years to decompose and when it finally does, it releases a carcinogenic chemical known as DEHA. This chemical not only affects plant growth, but also our reproductive systems, liver, and even causes weight loss. It’s imperative for everyone to take recycling to heart. You can either take your recyclables to your local recycling centres or let waste management companies help you with that.

Water Contamination

Water is an excellent solvent; as a result, it picks up pollution while moving through to water bodies. Plus, hazardous wastes leak into the ground, ultimately getting into groundwater. Contaminated water is harmful to humans who drink it and plants that use it to grow. It can also destroy marine life and cause harm to humans who consume such marine habitats like. All water bodies, including lakes, rivers, neighbourhood ponds and fountains, and drinking water taps are susceptible to the dangers of water contamination.

Air Pollution

Some people choose to dispose of wastes by burning them in the landfills. When certain plastics and papers are burnt, they emit gas and chemicals that harm the ozone layer. This goes to show how improper rubbish removal London causes global warming. These gases and chemicals also pose a health risk as they diffuse into the air we breathe. In addition, decomposing wastes in landfills produce methane gases, which are harmful to nearby residents.

Extreme Climate Changes

Decomposing waste releases harmful greenhouse gases that rise up and trap heat in the atmosphere. This causes extreme weather reactions in the form of acid rain, floods, long droughts, typhoons, and hail storms. Greenhouse gases have been the major causes of the extreme weather changes we are experiencing today. The adverse effects of these gases also spread to other areas, causing thermal and radioactive pollution.

Adverse Economic Effects

Improper rubbish removal London greatly affects the local economy in many ways. For starters, a city with rubbish all over the place and poor sanitation creates an awful sight that isn’t attractive to tourists or investors. The local government also spend a lot of money to counter the effects of improper rubbish removal London. Lastly, cities that don’t implement proper recycling practices miss out on the revenue from recycling, not to mention, job opportunities created by recycling centres.

Adverse Effects on Animals and Marine Life

It cannot be stressed enough how improper rubbish disposal can cause harm to animals and marine life. Plastic, cigarette butts, and Styrofoam have been known to kill marine animals who consume them. Animals near contaminated areas and landfills have also been poisoned by toxins.

The best way to manage junk is to proactively reduce the number of products we use and consume, buy reusable products, and look for opportunities to recycle. Alternatively, you can contact Junk London to help manage your waste. We offer same day services across London to ensure rubbish is properly disposed of as fast as possible. We divert from landfill 100% and focus on recycling both household and commercial junk, garbage, and rubbish.

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