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Kitchens are more than just the space where you and your family members cook. A kitchen should be a space where you and your family and friends can meet, and talk to one another while you bond over the food preparation and cooking process. Hence, you need to ensure that this space is not only comfortable but it is also warm and invigorating. A unique kitchen tile design is a cost effective and durable solution to making your kitchen space attractive and homely.

There are different tile design ideas for enhancing the look of your kitchen and ensuring that it indeed stands out. Looking for kitchen tile inspiration is often a difficult task owing the multitude of options available.  However, there are some tips that can assist you in picking the tiling design that is perfect for you.

  1. Go for uniqueness and spectacular

Chances are that tiles that stand out for you will also be eye catching to other individuals. This is especially the case if the individuals who visit your kitchen regularly are those that you have known for several years. You are more than likely to find similar things attractive including certain types of design tiles. Hence, when you are looking for kitchen floor or wall tiles, go for the tiles that jump out to you because they are sure to have the same effect on other people who go into your kitchen. Such tiles will ensure that your entire kitchen stands out and is aesthetically appeasing to everyone that will use it.

  1. Transform the style of your kitchen

Are you tired of your current kitchen style? If yes, then it is time to transform it into another style, and you can do this by simply changing the present tiles. Many homeowners grow weary of their current kitchen style, and are constantly looking for ways to inject some freshness into this cooking space. Luckily, simply installing new tiles is usually enough to turn the kitchen from one style to the one you desire.

For instance, if you have a contemporary kitchen, and you would like to change things up a bit, you can do so by incorporating tiles that reference other styles both directly and indirectly. A good example is by using tiles that have mid-century accents. Retro-inspired geometric shapes would be perfect for such an instance. Aside from the bold statement that these tiles will make in your kitchen, they are also capable of infusing a mid-century feel into the space.  

  1. Small does not have to be boring

Having a small kitchen does not necessarily mean that your hands are tied when it comes to kitchen renovation. There are different ways you can ensure that you are taking advantage of the small size of the kitchen, as well as ensuring that you are making the space visually larger. You can increase the visual depth of a small kitchen by simply incorporating tiles with a striking, and repetitive pattern. The pattern will make the space appear bigger to the eye fooling the mind that the kitchen is bigger than it is in reality. The pattern will also generate a lot of interest for the kitchen users.

  1. Embrace the patchwork tiling

Patchwork tiling is an excellent design for your kitchen floor, wall, or backsplash. Patchwork tiling entails using two or more different types of tiles on the same surface. The result is usually an outlay that resembles a patchwork of the tiles used. The tiles can differ by texture, gradient, and colour scheme. However, for this to work, you need to ensure that the different tiles actually work together aesthetically when combined. The different tiles used in the creation of the patchwork need to complement each other, and not sharply contrast one another and cause visual confusion.  

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