Tips for Selecting a Professional Roofer

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If you require maintenance or repair work to be carried out on your roof, or you just need a professional to examine the area, you should look to hire a competent, reliable individual. If you’ve never employed a roofing contractor, they you may have no idea what to look for when you begin your search. Here are some tips for selecting a professional roofer in the Sydney area.

Family Owned Business

It is better to avoid door to door roofers who approach you unexpectedly and offer their services, most of the time they aren’t legitimate businesses and they aren’t qualified to perform complex restoration work on your roof. You should look for family owned companies who operate in the community, one of the reasons for this, and there are many, is that they’ve a vested interest in the area. Most family owned businesses are involved in community programmes and employment initiatives, so hiring them helps to give back to the community.


Some roofing services only specialise in one particular area, others have many employees who each have experience in a range of services. When speaking to a contractor, ask what their main area of expertise is? Do they mainly deal with maintenance work, or are they’ll primarily involved in installation? You want to hire a roofer who understands and works on problems similar to yours on a weekly basis, just because they are roofers, doesn’t mean they’ll a lot of experience in every area of the industry.

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First Impressions

It is advisable to get several quotes from multiple roofers if you plan on getting service work or a roof restoration in Sydney or any of the surrounding area. When you converse with each roofing contractors, take note of how they conduct themselves while visiting your premises. Ask yourself these questions once they’ve finished at your home.

  • Did you like the contractor?
  • Where they polite and respectful during their visit?
  • Did they listen to your concerns?
  • Were they punctual?
  • Did they seem genuinely interested in the job?
  • Did they come across as being knowledgeable?

First impressions are important, they often give you an indication of how someone conducts themselves both personally and professionally. If you got a bad vibe off a contractor, or you just felt like they were disinterested, then it is better to eliminate them from your list.

Attention to Detail

When the roofing contractor arrived on site, how did they survey the area? Was it a thorough inspection, or was it done from the comfort of their work van? If they didn’t climb up and investigate your roof, how would they know exactly what needed to be done. You shouldn’t trust any contractor who offers a quote without first conducting a detailed evaluation of the job.

When sourcing a reliable roofer, you should use this article as a guide to help you find the best possible candidate for the job. There are plenty of high-quality roofing services in Sydney, it just takes some additional time to find them. Do some research beforehand and where possible, select a family owned business nearby.

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