UK Gravel Suppliers Are Hearing “Buy Local”

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“Buy local.” This is a phrase that we hear more and more and UK gravel suppliers are proud to stock locally sourced gravels for their clients.

From limestone to sandstone to granite there is a gravel product to suit modern, natural, traditional and themed outdoor space requirements and tastes.

Gravel can be used for driveways, paths, border edging, mulching for pots and beds and to highlight features.

Gravel suppliers like Rivar Sand and Gravel in Thatcham, Windlesham and Tadley carry a number of locally quarried products for small DIY projects through to commercial bulk orders.

As a general rule one tonne of gravel will cover approximately twelve metres squared when it’s laid 1.5 to 2 inches deep.

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Landscaping materials experts will be pleased to calculate the amount that your project will need.

Gravel doesn’t ask the installer to have an engineering degree. It’s easy to work with, quick to install and economical.

It is often supplied in 10mm or 20mm gravel bulk bags or loose. Other sizes are available for some products.

Your choice of gravel can have a huge effect on the overall tone of your outdoor space so here are a few examples to help you with your UK gravel choices.

Moonstone Gravel

This gravel is made from Thames Valley Flint and it is widely available through UK gravel suppliers.

In black and white with hints of browns and beiges this gravel offers personality alongside durability.

It’s quarried in the Newbury and Thatcham area so if you are a resident of Berkshire this is not just a local product it’s on your doorstep!

Moonstone is stocked in 10mm and 20mm gravel bulk bag sizes.

Gravel suppliers may deliver the gravel loose too.

Cotswold Chippings.

20mm gravel bulk bag Cotswold Chippings are rich in colour and provide a complimentary backdrop for planting. These chippings are angular, strong and delightful to work with.

If you want a natural durable stone that will endure in lifespan and appeal then this locally sourced UK gravel should be at the top of your list.

14mm Cotswold Chippings is another gravel product but this tends not to be a stock item so it can take longer for gravel suppliers to fulfil the orders.

20mm gravel bulk bag orders are completed within minutes and this is great for instant starts to DIY projects.  

South Cerney Gravel

This gravel should have a 5 star rating. It can be used almost anywhere with confidence that it won’t break down or lose its warm tones and attraction.

South Cerney Gravel is buff coloured quality UK gravel which is sourced in the South Cerney area.

10mm South Cerney Gravel is also called pea shingle. It’s petite but strong, functional but lovely to look at.  The 20-5mm South Cerney Gravel is equally robust and semi rounded.

The benefits of local stones are that they will blend more easily with the existing landscape and you’ll be supporting the local economy. Perfect!

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