What Not to Pack When Moving

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When moving, there are some items that you don’t want to include in the moving truck. Maybe they are too fragile and valuable to you and you can’t afford to lose them. Or maybe, there are certain items that you will need almost immediately and therefore want to be sure they will get to the new home when you need them.

These types of items are the things you want to pack first and inform your moving company that you will be bringing with you. The following are just some of the items should not be placed in the moving truck as recommended by https://www.movecorp.com

  1. Essential Items

Your moving schedule will likely coincide with your work schedule. And because the moving truck may not deliver all your items in time, it is a good idea to set aside a box for the essential items needed in your new home while you wait for all your stuff. Keep in mind that even after the truck arrives with all your essential items, it may take a while to unpack everything. To avoid the chaos this situation can cause, you may want to set aside items such like keys, toiletries, certain clothes, bed sheets and chargers.

  1. Hazardous Items

There are also some items that are not safe to transport in a moving truck. These items can either be combustible or flammable items that carry the risk of damage to the truck or a potential fire. This category of items can also include items such as bleach that could damage some of the other items on the truck should they get damaged.

These items can cause unexpected delays in delivery or in worse case scenarios cause damage that could lead to legal disputes with the moving company. They include items such as paint, fire extinguishers, heating agents, and chlorine powder as well as auto batteries.

  1. Important Documents and Other Valuables

Even if the moving company you choose is trustworthy, there are still some small valuables and documents that you don’t want to place in the moving truck. This category includes all the items you consider very important and irreplaceable. Important documents like birth certificate and insurance policies also fall into this category. So do any medications you may have as well as laptops and family photos.

  1. Perishable Items

This is particularly important if the move is over large distances and you know the truck may take more than a day to arrive at the new home. If it is possible, make sure you use all perishable items before the move and take any that remain in your car. The temperature in the moving truck can cause the perishable items to go bad a lot sooner than you anticipated. Perishable items you should not include in the moving truck include frozen food, plants and potted trees as well as wine and beer.

Take the time to consistently plan the packing process to avoid any problems with the condition of your items when they arrive at the destination.

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