Which is the Ideal Garden Path Material?

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There are various materials out there to choose from if you are looking at having a new garden path laid out. The perfect garden path material is one that is both long lasting, low-maintenance, and eye catching.

If you want to select the most suitable garden path material, you must decide if you are able to do the job by yourself, or if you will need the help of professionals, by hiring contractors.


Good old fashioned paving has been favoured down through the years because of its natural ability to complement a home with its natural colouring, which is typically in brick or concrete. This type of paving is indeed sturdy and needs very little maintenance.

Interlocking paving is commonly seen used in the middle of the garden path with decorative edging on the sides.

Gravel or Stones

Gravel (AKA garden chippings) or stones are another option to think about when you are selecting a new garden path material. Easy to install and with not that much maintenance (apart from sometimes pieces moving around), some people have a preference for this type, and make their very own gravel garden path by laying down a wood or brick edging, and then putting down the gravel in between.


Asphalt has become a common garden path material,even though these days it is used more for driveways than garden paths. Asphalt is usually laid by skilled contractors who use a special machine, and is not too much of an expensive option.

This is usually durable for some years, but remember that, should you do decide to go with asphalt for your garden path, the surface must be properly sealed annually in order to prevent any kinds of cracking.

  • This indeed can be achieved by yourself, or once again, to be on the safe side, by hiring a professional service with the know-how and tools.


You may also wish to consider using concrete as a garden path material for your home. You can mix and get the concrete laid down by yourself, or once more, with the assistance of a specialist company who can make it and then let them lay it down.

  • Today, concrete has lost a bit of its general appeal with time because of the better visuals of other more aesthetic materials.


However, it is durable if it is given the right amount of care.

The basic type of concrete is roughly in the same price range of asphalt, but if you fancy any different type of decorative concrete design, it can work out to be quite costly.

And at the end of the day, it’s going to be your choice, so here’s hoping that your future garden path looks just perfect!

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